the Bellin Run: completed!

Saturday marked the date that I ran in my first official 10K race. :) I ran the Bellin Run in Green Bay, which is a 10K race sponsored by Bellin Health. And I. had. a . blast!

I was admittedly a little bit nervous going into the race, because a. I was running by myself, b. I didn't want to start out too slow or too fast. . .etc. But despite those two uncertainties, once I started running "it was all good". (The whole "Bellin experience" was amazing: when the race starts the theme song from Chariots of Fire is playing, and combined with the sound of all the runners' feet hitting the pavement: it was an amazing moment!) I didn't finish in the time that I wanted to, but I ran at an 8 minute/ a mile pace, and finished in 50 minutes (I timed myself) but my official time was: 51.31.

I had so much fun training for and participating in the Bellin Run - and I definitely plan on running the Bellin next year, as well.

--I'll have pictures from during the race as well, once they're posted on the Website.

after the run

after the run: walking back to Astor Park

with my runner's goody-bag. ;)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

So proud of your dedication to your training and healthy lifestyle Kara! You are truly amazing. Great job.