Yes, dear readers, I have once again arrived home from a trip "abroad" (aka: out of state. ;) Dad and I flew to Colorado this past weekend, as he was invited to speak at some meetings a friend of ours was having. We had a great time; spending time with the Martell's, seeing some sights and enjoying the trip.

Our first flight, out to Colorado went wonderfully, and there weren't any problems or lay-overs, etc. However, on our way back home, our flight from Chicago to Wisconsin was canceled. Yeah. So-ooo, after we spent two hours in a Customer Service line, we found out we had to wait at the airport another eight hours until the 9 PM (final) flight back to Wisconsin would leave. All in all, we were at O'Hare for a total of 11.5 hours. Let me tell you: sitting. gets. old. ;)

Anyway, we're finally back and enjoying the normality of home.

this isn't my plate of food, but it shows how delicious Stefani's Tuscany Cafe's food is!

loved spending time with this sweet gal
Pikes Peak
"with" Pikes Peak
at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Dad and I after the meetings (it was rather windy, as you can see. . .)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of you and your dad! Looks like a wonderful trip.