home again (arizona, flying and crazy adventures)

home again. Anna and I are back from our week-long stay in Arizona. We had some crazy adventures and enjoyed spending time with some awesome peeps. 

Tonto Bridge

there was some pie-baking. . .

Serenity and I at the pie-judging and auction

Our Grand Canyon group

on our way to an old gold mine, we experienced a bit of trouble. . .

so they did what any logical person would do: change the flat tire and have a watermelon break as well!

no one would ever know there were fifteen girls staying in this room...right?

:) I loved spending time with these two sweet girls!

one of my best friends on this trip: the coffee maker!

on our way to MKE :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like awesome fun! Beautiful pictures.

Bethany said...

Look so fun! And isn't the MWK airport SO confusing?!??!

Abigail said...

Look like you had a great time...