Grocery Shopping << c a n >> Be Exciting If...

//if...you pick up a bag of oranges and find that the bottom of the bag was not tied. Thus, oranges roll all over the people-packed aisle. {cue blushing, awkward face + a muffled "whaaa?"} Anyway. Thanks to two nice ladies who helped me pick up the runaway produce, order was once again restored to the fruit aisle.
//if...you walk all over Walmart holding a pack of golden raisins twice because your "party" isn't in the anticipated location.
//if...you're laughing + talking with your sisters and then see people looking at you with a strange expression.
//if...you stop at a local business and the owners are more than elated over the cookies you gave them on your last visit. :)
//if...you finally arrive home and during the move-groceries-from-car-to-house transfer a bag containing two jars of peanut butter and one jar of honey gets dropped on the floor: resulting in a gloopy mess of swirled peanut butter and honey on the just-mopped-kitchen floor.
//now hopefully it has been proven that grocery shopping is not always boring and dull...but can be very exciting, if a few interesting experiences are sent your way. ;)

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Bethany said...

Oh...one of those days. :) Grocery shopping is fun, though...especially since our family is usually a walking disaster. Like, spaghetti sauce spilled down the aisle? That was us.