Lifestyle Photographer // Interview with Melissa Cockman Photography

After admiring her photos and skill, I had to interview her! Melissa Cockman runs 
Melissa Cockman Photography, (which you can visit HERE) a business that shoots a variety of sessions - family, weddings, and newborns. I greatly admire Melissa for the quality and beauty of her photos.
//Share a little about yourself + family + life.//
My name is Melissa Cockman and I'm 29, married to my wonderful husband, Ben and live in the Piedmont of North Carolina. I'm from Kentucky, but Ben and I met at some church meetings in West Virginia in 2005.

//How did you get into photography?//
Photography sort of 'found me!' After moving to North Carolina, I found myself a little homesick for Kentucky - that's when I started taking pictures of everything - plants, pets, my nieces and nephews...I started a Photo Blog (c/) and began receiving inquiries from friends who were requesting photo sessions of their children and families. I opened an online portfolio website and things just grew from there!
//What's your favorite part about being a photographer?//
My favorite part of being a photographer...the moment I see a mother's face as she views 'the perfect' image of her child...in her mind, 'it's a moment captured in time!'
In my work, I want to convey...pure emotion. I want my viewer to feel as if they can feel the moment captured in a given shot.

//If you could start your photography journey over, what would you do differently?//

If I could start my photography journey differently...I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so grateful for the opportunities my clients have given me, as they've now become friends. And, I'm grateful they entrusted me with capturing still images of their world.

//What cameras, lenses and accessories do you use?//

My gear...I shoot primarily with a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR. My favorite lens is the 50mm f1.4. In my bag, you'll find flashes, another back-up camera, more lenses, external light sources, lots of spare rechargeable batteries and tons of little things I carry with me just in case I need them ~ like bubbles for kids' session!

Post Processing...In today's photography market, the client not only expects incredible shots, but they also anticipate the photographer to put hours of post-processing time into their shoot. I use Photoshop and Light Room to put the finishing touches on images.

//Best tip for an aspiring photographer?// 
Best tips for aspiring photographers...give it your all. If you want something, get out and work for it! Don't let anyone underestimate you, and most importantly - believe in yourself!

Thanks, Melissa!



Mom said...

What a neat post, Kara! I had no idea you interviewed Melissa. Lovely lady and photographer.

Anna said...

Loved this post, Kara!

Melissa, your work is inspiring!

Bekah said...

This was really interesting! I'm not too into taking pictures myself, but I love seeing other people's work.