Giggling girls. "Professional" movies, and movie trailers. Frequent "play dates"... Hugs and more hugs. The B girls and I are best of friends and one, one very special is turning eighteen today. - and her name is Bailey!
I've known Bailey for...*ahem* quite a long time, and love her to bits.  I love her  bookwormy-ness, (yeah, if that's even a word, I probably spelled it wrong) her sweet character, the funny words we come up with (that's just sauce-um! ;), and all the wonderful memories we've made together!

...and now our movie making and little girl giggles are over. (although, there is tons *believe me* of laughing that goes on when we're together!) Miss Bailey is eighteen and leaving us to study at Hillsdale College in Michigan. :(((
I wish you all the luck in the world, Bayleaf!

I love you and hope you have the happiest eight teenth birthday ever!
Love you,


Bailey said...

Thank you so much, Kara! You have been an absolutely fantabulous best friend. It's been awesome growing up with you from the crazy giggle stage to Facebook buddies while I'm away from home.

I love you so much!


Bekah said...

I can't believe you are now legally an adult. Isn't that kind of scary?:D
Happy 18th!

We're gonna miss you while you're gone, Bailey! We don't see eachother as much as I'd like,but just knowing that you're away studying in Michigan will make me sad.:C