my own made up recipe

I don't eat dessert. - that is dessert made with sugar. (but usually,
 that's the only kind people make. :D) So, after looking for recipes using Xylitol and Stevia I actually came up with some good recipes. (snickerdoodles, no-bake cookies etc)

A few days ago, I was going to make some sugar free cookies to take to a gathering just for me. :) Weeellll, to make a long story short: I used the "base" of the snickerdoodle cookie and added honey, (a lot of ) fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and a bit of almonds. "A lemon, honey, tiny-bit-of-almond cookie." -and they turned out rather nicely!!!'

I used basically the same "added ingredients" for the crm. Cheese frosting. So, with a bit of honey, and a splash of lemon I had myself a complete cookie. (exciting, huh?)

It tasted pretty good, so that's all that matters , me guesses. :)

That rambling was supposed to uh, tell you about the cookie I made. :D


Mama said...

You are an amazing cook, Kara Lynn! I love the way you improvise and create new recipes. I also admire your steadfast refusal to eat sugar!

Bethany Grace said...

What did I do today? Oh, I just made up a cookie recipe.

Honestly Kara, you have me floored. Last time I attempted such, the oven ended up going through serious cleaning and bottles of air freshener. As I say often, you really should cook for our family - we could use your sensible and delicious cooking! ;)