spending time with Him

It's a simple, maybe even considered a little thing...but reading your Bible, and praying every day is a necessity every Christian -young or old should "indulge" in.

Many times, we make excuses that our days are too busy, we're much too tired to read chapter or two,(after we just read an entire book) or that "I'll just pray real quick before I go to sleep". When we're doing that, it simply shows what our desires are, and that they obviously need to be changed.

I must confess the previous paragraph described me. I knew I should, and I also knew I wasn't too busy. -- Fact was, that when I finished school I had practically a whole day or afternoon of free time...and I wasn't spending that time with God.

We all know that having a devotional or quiet time with God is very important. Maybe we don't know how important it actually is. Have you "not" done your devotions and then acted like a "jerk" the whole day? We just couldn't get along with our siblings, we were disobedient to our parents, it was just a bad day. That's because we didn't have the Holy-spirit with us through the day.

If you're juggling so called"busy-ness" and doing daily devotions, here's a simple tip I got from a visiting evangelist: instead of saying you're going to read five chapters, try five verses. It sounds like so little, but you need to get a desire for God's word. Likewise with prayer: don't say you'll pray for two hours, you're setting your goals too high. Again, try 10 minutes. Do whatever you must to feed that desire for time with God and His word.

You won't believe the difference it makes when you spend time --maybe just half an hour, with God.


Mom said...

This is so true, Kara! Believe it or not, it's something everyone battles. "I have so much to do that I don't have time to pray." The days that we skip time with the Lord are the days that we fail miserably. In order to gain strength, we must be feeding on His word and living in His spirit. Thanks for this timely reminder!

Bethany Grace said...

Ouch. You hit it on the nail. I experienced this in the morning, reading through some chapters and finding verses I didn't know existed. It was a painful reminder to how much we need to spend more time in His word and more time with Him!