it's her birthday

Most of you bloggers know about her. She's a young christian girl blogging about the happenings in her life, her struggles and how she's overcoming...a very inspiring blog, called Grace of my Redeemer. (Now you know, don'cha?)                    
Yes, it is Miss Bethany Grace's fourteenth birthday, today! I'm so blessed to have her in my life, she's an amazing friend and I love her to bits. :D  

Wish her a "happy birthday" in a comment below, or you can visit her blog HERE, as well. 

Love you Bethany!


Serenity said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Bethany Grace said...

Thanks Kara! I'm feeling overwhelmingly loved today! And are you so gonna get it for hacking my blog. ;) *evil laugh* ((thanks a bunch!! *hugs*))

Bekah said...

Happy Birthday again, Bethany!
Love you!

Zoƫ said...

Happy Birthday!