la birthday happiness

Today is...(drumroll please) my mums' birthday!  She planned her special day, and our plans are to:

  •  relax
  • have a "hot-cocoa" party
  • read (this amazing book) Corral Island
So, not much, but hey, we get the day off of school. :)YEEEAAHHHH.

Wish her a "Happy Birthday", won't you?



Bethany Grace said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. P!

(and y'all are so lucky to get school off!)

Zoë said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Hope you have a great Birthday, with many blessings and much happiness~

Sounds like a fun day....I wonder if it would work out that I could get off school as well...okay, I guess that's not happining!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Kara! The blueberry french toast was super delicious this morning! I love you!

Sanger Family said...

Happy Birthday Sis. Pyatskowit!