He's 10

Today, he was born. A small blessing of joy...cute, chubby cheeks, all the works! This darling, charming, handsome little man, happens to have be  my brother Isaac!

Isaac is smooshed between us three girls, making him an only boy. Sometimes he struggles...with that. - But, he's learned to put up with us! *wink, wink*

We are happy to say, that last year Isaac was Baptised Were so thankful that he's given his life to Christ!

The silly boy, also has a mischevious side. *sighs* His antics usually involve using his sisters as "bait". But, we love 'im anyway!

Happy 10th Birthday, Isaac! I love you very much!


Bethany Grace said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Did you ever notice how much he looks like you?

Anonymous said...

thank you kara I love you kara

from your little brother


Serenity said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! :)

btw, thanks for the comment on my blog.. :)