The Battle Within

When one thinks about facing a battle of "right or wrong or good and evil,"  what do you think of? Does it remind you of someone valiantly standing up and saying "no" to drugs? We tend to focus on the "great" battles like the above, but forget about the "small," everyday incidents that cause us to make a choise, whether it be for good, or bad.
It's the minuscule happenings that are mainly caused by selfishness. Every person was born with it, and struggle with it....some overcome it, some don't. There are many fusses and arguments that could have been prevented, if it hadn't been for not controling our selfish natures.

You can overcome the instances that occur, like the story below:

It was a little thing, Isaac had called me to tell me that the trash in the study, (the room I was to keep picked up) was full, overflowing actually.  I didn't want to do that job, and besides it was ISAAC's job to empty the garbage.

My flesh urged me to call mom and tell on Isaac for not doing his job.  I stood at the top of the stairs, watching Isaac sweep the playroom floor. I wanted to say something about him doing the job, but didn't knowing I could say something I shouldn't.

Inside a battle raged...I selfishly wanted to make Isaac take out the trash, but I knew that I should simply take it out, myself...without a fuss.  I made my decision and went and took out the trash.

While these things may seem little and you may say "it was only taking out the trash...".  But there are many battles God puts before us to "test and see what we're made of."  You don't have to bear the struggles yourself, you can't overcome them by yourself you have to ask Christ to give you His strength, and character to defeat the selfish nature of your flesh.

"Cast your cares on Him, for He careth for you."


Bailey said...

Good for you, Kara! Every big thing is really a hundred little things put together.

Bethany Grace said...

I completely agree with Bailey. I've had similar experiences and it's always worth to deny self and serve others, even if they don't notice or care.


Anonymous said...

What a mighty victory, Kara! This reminds me of the verse, "I die daily." That means crucifying our own selfish nature and bringing our bodies into subjection to the word of God, just like you did in this post. Your maturity and self control in this instance is truly admirable. Love you!

Anna said...

I really like that Bible verse....Bravo on making the right choice and letting the Lord's way win.

Elisabeth said...

Kara, What a well-written post. It just makes me SO proud of your family to see you all choosing the right. Life can be a real battle but it's the little things that make up our character.

Keep pressing on!