How to Create a Photo Collage: Tutorial

Zoe, asked how to make the photo collage, here is an easy tutorial on the subject.  To make my header, I used Picasa, which I downloaded for free HERE  (Sorry about the small font on the pictures. :(   )

First, you'll need to get the pictures you want:

Once you gather the pictures you want to use, usually three or four, click Collage.
When you come to the collage page, the pictures will be scrambled.  Arrange the photos in the order you desire, then click: Create Collage

You can now add the test or editing of your choice to the collage.

The Finished product!

Hope that was satisfactory to your question, dear Zoe!  :) You can also read about the collages at Carlotta's Blog. 


Anna said...

Ah... my little sister. So amazing. (I didn't know how to make those cool webpagey-snap-thingers.)

Zoë said...

THANKS! That is such a big help....will work on a new one when I have some time :) THANKS AGAIN :)
ditto Anna!