School...Just Keep Going...Just Keep Going...

School...Skewl...Skool...School...Yeah, that's the subject for this wonderful post.  ( I think I have seriously seen some poeple write school like that...Skewl etc.Wow...)

I'm almost done with school!  We have about 3 more weeks of school to do, seeing that we are "doubling up". :)

Although, at the beginning and somewhat middle of the schoolyear I enjoy school, toward the end/middle of the year,  I'm ready to be done...really ready. 

How many much/more school do you all have?

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Bailey said...

If I stop procrastinating on blogs, I'll be done with ALL my school today (minus chemistry, which will last eternally, and writing a literature paper and reading The Abolition of Man...and writing a lit paper).

Tell Anna I said hi and sorry for taking so long to email back! Love you both! See you tonight!!!