Madeline Rae Photo Shoot

On April Nineth, a saturday evening we went to m'dear Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Heather's house.  Living there, is a darling little girl who lives with darling little brother(going to be pictured...at least some of him) and her darling parents. :) Anyway - herm, we went there for supper.  I took Madeline Rae (Maddi) for a photo shoot....Sighs, love that girl!

She changed so many times while we were there.  She kept the same shirt for like all evening, but she kept changing her pants.. It was funny!  (The "ballerina" outfit was worn for about five minutes for pictures!)

Aren't his eyes stunning!?


Bethany said...

Your cousins are so cute!! ;)

Bekah said...

Maddi is soooooo cute!