First Ever: "I love Snappin"!

My first ever photo day.  Hope you all will enter!

Is there a picture that you just love, and HAVE to share with someone? Here's your chance.  Just post that picture, with the button, and be sure to link back to me!  Ends Saturday Feburary, 5th 2011, at 11:59 p.m. central time.


Bethany said...

Sawesome. :) I will enter once I post again. :) 'cept, what button are we putting on there? Your button? **confuzzlment**

Love you!


Kara said...

ACK! The button wouldn't upload...I'll post the URL in this comment so you can get it. :) Here's the URL: C:\Users\Pyatskowit\Pictures\Canon Pictures 048.jpg

Sorry bout that!

Love you!

P.S. Also leave the URL to your post in the comments.

Bethany said...

Ummm...that's the file name. :) A url is if you uploaded it on the internet...have you tried uploading it to tinypic (www.tinypic.com)...it's a free site...

Bethany said...

Posted me picture on my blog. :) (near the end of the post)