Words..Beautiful Words

Words. Beautiful Words. Have any of you ever wondered where words came from? What they mean? Who came up with them? Like...yeah, there are lots of words, and I sometimes wonder where they came from. Like who made the word "supercalifragilistic" , and those big and serious words.

Do you have the solution? :D I know the languages came from the Tower of Babel, but really, how did the meanings etc. come?


Bethany said...

Someone who had an imagination. :)

Bailey said...

Well, I don't think there was a time when words didn't have a meaning, ever since "Let there be light" broke into the nothingness.

Words are crucial to Christianity. They're how God communicates to us. His revelation is the Word. His Son is the Word.

Probably the basis of all languages came when God scattered them, but I know the evolution of languages (take English, for instance) came because different cultures meshed with different cultures because of trade or conquest. Cultures borrowed words or combined words or used the words as roots to form new words. Have you noticed how similar Latin/Spanish/Italian/English can be?

That's known as word evolution in action. And big words were created by people who had too much time on their hands.

A demonstration of how words change: We were very neologistic the other day when "sawesome" became a staple to our vocab. ;o)

Kara said...

Thanks, Bailey! :) lol That would be just sawesome if "sawesome" was put into our vocabulary!