'Tis Fall!

Ah, smell the fresh air.  Feel the cool bre- lets "reword" that. Feel the cold wind, and see the leaves float to the ground...Smell the cinamon in the hot-apple-cider....

Yes, that is fall in Clintonville, Wisconsin. :D Well....most of Wisconsin! I know the "beginning of fall" has already come, but I don't think I posted anything in the "honor" of it!

So...Happy Fall!!!

:D Kara

P.S. No, I didn't take the picture, although I wish I had!


Bailey said...

I have come to the conclusion that "cool breezes" is redundant, for breezes are always cool unless they're warm...which must be specified, as breezes will always be assumed cool. If they're cold or hot, they must be winds.

In my humble opinion.

It doesn't feel like fall. It feels like premature winter without snow. And what good is cold without snow? That is a bitterly rhetorical question from a displaced Texan.

Bethany said...

Well m'dear - it already snowed here...so fall is rather gone. nearly.

Anonymous said...

I love the autumn of the year. Spring is my absolute favorite, but autumn is next. loved the pic.