Photo Challenge: Food

Carlotta is having a photo challenge and the subject is: Food.  The contest ends Friday, November 26th 2010 at 11:59 CST.  Here is my entry:


Bethany said...

Ack - must you uyjjjjjjjj8
(I (that was snickerdoodle's note)

Anyhoo - Ack - must you post desserts while I'm craving some nice pie. ;)


Kara said...

:D It's my job!!!! jk

Mmmm, pray tell what kind of pie?!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

carlotta said...

That looks delicious! Great shot :)

Kara said...

Thanks Carlotta. The only thing I don't like...is the canisters in the background. :*(( Oh, well. :D

Anonymous said...

Your photo looked so real, it made me hungry. It's a very good picture. Some of the pictures you took over at the lake are beautiful. You are quite talented with a camera. Love ya!