Booth Brothers

On Thursday we went to the Booth Brother's concert in Wausau.  It was simply awesome!! (Right, Katie and Bekah?) It was fun to hear them sing live!!!  I got Michael and Ronnie's autographs but didn't have time to find Jim and get his. :((

Here is a song called "Thank Him For the Miracle" performed by the Booth Brothers.

Also, a picture I took at the concert...

Bekah, I took videos and pics. at the concert but it won't upload the video of all the stuff...:((

Have a fun evening!!!


Zoe said...

The Booth Brotheres are coming to PA sometime soon, I saw it in a Adv at a concert I just went to Sat....My Aunt and Uncle took Kaitlyn, Abigial and I for a early C present.
We got to see the Hoppers, The Collingsworth Family and the Triumphant Quartet sing. It was really awesome!

Bethany said...

Cool... :)

Kara said...

wow Zoe! Bet it was fun!

Woah, no Ronnie's hair is NOT like that anymore!

Katie said...

Yeah, the concert was great! Booth Brothers are THE best in the nation when it comes to Southern Gospel. And I really like the Hoppers and Collingsworth family and Rae likes the Triumphant Quartet. I do, too. It's so exciting knowing of other people who like Southern Gospel.

Bekah said...

Hey,I know what you mean about the computer not letting you see any of the vidios.Ours is the same way.
The concert was sooooo amazing.They have such great harmony and humor!We brought or cousin Brady and his girl friend Hannah.I was sitting next to them and they were soooo unenthusiastic!It made me feel weird just clapping along to songs.They were slumped in their chairs (texting!How could they!).